Molo Songololo’s aims to inform and educate the public and targeted groups; as well as service providers about the needs, rights and protection of children in difficult circumstances focusing on;
*The rights of the child.
*The legal framework for children
*Children in difficult circumstances

The expected results are increase respect for the rights of the child; and responses to prevent and combat these human rights violations being committed against children; such as child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation, child labour and trafficking in children.

This is achieved through various activities that include;
*Pamphlet distributions – door-to-door or at major inter-sections
*Display of posters in public spaces
*Road-shows and cavalcades
*Sports and cultural activities
*Public presentations and talks
*Educational workshops or service providers including parents.
*Training of lay-councilors and service providers (educators, social workers, police, etc)
*Comments and statements to the media – radio, print and electronic

Every Child has the right not to be forced to work or given work that is unsuitable”

Section 28 of The Bill of Rights