Our Programmes

Our programmes and activities are designed to put into effect our vision and mission and are informed by more than 35-years of experience in working with children, families and communities. Regular consultation, collaboration and networking with children, parents, government and civil service providers, communities and role-players strengthen our strategies and programmes and increase our outputs and outcomes. Where possible we involve children/youth in the planning and implementation of our programmes and activities.

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Child & Youth Empowerment Programme

We motivate and empower children and youth with life-skills to make positive life choices, enjoy their rights and improve their future prospects.

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Capacity Building Programme

We educate and train government and civil service providers to increase their responses to care for and protect children in need and promote their rights.

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Child Protection – Victim Empowerment Programme

We support and empower children and youth who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking in children, those at risk and their families.

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Awareness and Advocacy Programme

We produce and distribute awareness-raising materials and host and participate in public forums to advocate the rights and protection of children and youth in need.

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