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What to do about Trafficking in Persons

Trafficking in persons has become an international phenomenon that confronts service providers in government and non-government agencies in nearly every country. It is a highly complex phenomenon and there are no easy answers.

Information and knowledge are important components in efforts aimed at combating trafficking in persons. This resource guide has been developed to assist service providers and the general public with knowledge and information that will help in attempts to combat trafficking in persons.

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Trafficking in children in Western Cape Province

This report seeks to extend our understanding of the manifestation of trafficking in persons and in particular that of trafficking in children in the Western Cape Province. It is part of Molo Songololo’s ongoing contribution to increasing our knowledge of trafficking in children.

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The Trafficking of Woman into the South African sex industry

This report focuses on the trafficking and forced prostitution of women into the South African sex industry.

South Africa’s sex industry derives its trafficked labour from both cross-border and in-country trafficking operations.

This report seeks to highlight the circumstances of trafficked women as the first step in a lobby to stem the inhumane practice.

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The Trafficking of children for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

This research reports on one component that underpins most child sexual exploitation through child prostitution: the sexual exploitation of children through trafficking. In examining this issue, our specific focus fell on both in-country and cross-border trafficking. The primary motivation for the research flowed from a growing concern about the increase in child prostitution.

This report is the result of various national and international initiatives embarked on over the last four years.

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Situational analysis in Delft

Molo Songololo is now in the process of setting up a new project in the Delft area and, in order to give voice to the community and especially for children who are being sexually exploited.

The objective of this research is to provide a situational analysis and needs assessment of Delft. This is to provide a clearer indication of the issues and needs of the community in relation to children and sexual exploitation, and help shape the projects implemented in these areas, in order to produce more effective results.

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Situational analysis in Beaufort West

This report was researched and written by Southern Hemisphere, as commissioned by Molo Songololo. The situation and needs analysis of the sexual exploitation of children in Beaufort West, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, was achieved through a limited background study and through a small, qualitative sample of in-depth interviews with 26 adult community members, 11 children, ten community service providers, totalling 47 individuals interviewed plus the four focus groups.

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Rapid Assessment of impact of 2010 Fifa World Cup on the abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children.

Molo Songololo contracted Southern Hemisphere Consultants (SHC) to conduct a Rapid Assessment of the possible impact of the 2010 FWC and to identify strategies and make recommendations for the prevention of abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children during 2010 as well as for future major sporting or other events. The research was financed by The HCI Foundation, SANTAC and Molo Songololo.

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Child Sexual Exploitation in Atlantis

This report focuses on the prevention of child exploitation in Atlantis. Described as  community in crises, Atlantis has struggled to provide and environment which is conducive to the healthy development of it’s children and youth.

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Helping the Traumatised Child: Counsellors training course.

Outcomes for this session include: knowledge of effective counselling skills, practise of counselling skills in order to internalise them, develop the correct counselling attitude and non-verbal skills.

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