Molo Songololo was established in 1979 to act against the impact of Apartheid policies and State actions against children and to promote the rights and protection
of children. It is a non-profit child rights’ organisation that operates at national, provincial and local community levels. The organisation also engages with
role-players at international and regional levels.

Molo Songololo is registered with the Registrar of Companies, the Department of Social Development NPO-Directorate, the South African Revenue Services;
and was selected as a DESIGNATED CHILD PROTECTION ORGANISATION as prescribed by the Children’s Act 2005 by the Department of Social Development.

Our main target group and beneficiaries are children and youth from 10 to 17-years of age from poor rural and urban communities.
Young adults, parents, adults, community workers as well as government and NGO/CBO service providers benefit from the work of the organisation.

Our Mission

Our Vision

For all children to enjoy their rights and to have their rights respected and protected in a free, safe and caring environment.

Our Mission

To advance the rights, care, protection and participation of children/youth through awareness, education, advocacy and provision of support services.

Our Objectives

To support and empower child/youth victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking in children, those at risks and their families.

To motivate and empower children/youth about their rights and responsibilities, life-skills and promote their participation in community actions and social transformation.

To build the capacity of service providers to increase response for the care and protection of children in need;

To increase awareness and advocacy to promote the rights and protection of children in difficult circumstances.