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Matilda Gene Vantura (Chairperson), Mongezi Nyathela (Deputy Chairperson), Zeenith Ebrahim (Treasurer), Madoda Mabuto (Secretary), Vernon Julius Rose (Additional Member), Asanda Mahlukani (Additional Member), Patric Solomons (Additional Member)

A Letter from our Chairperson

Serving on the Molo Songololo Board is a great honour. Many of the Board members have been involved with Molo Songololo for many years in one way or another before joining the Board.
I myself use to receive and distribute the Molo Songololo Magazine to my students during the 1980s and 1990s at school when I was still teaching. I also used the magazine in the classroom as an educational resource.

What keeps us involved in Molo Songololo? It’s the love we have for children and our responsibility to contribute to the protection and guidance of children. It is the fact that Molo Songololo makes a difference in the lives of children through its programmes and activities. It is the vision that we have of society, were children can be children, run free and their basic needs are met.

It always inspires me to see how children flourish, gain confidence and are able to express their views and opinions. Our staff members motivate and empower children.
We treat children with respect and as individuals with feelings, thoughts and ability. It brings me great joy to see the smiles return to children’s faces.

We all have a responsibility towards children. We all must make extra effort to motivate, empower and protect children. And we all have a duty to prevent and act against child abuse, child exploitation and trafficking in children. We can not afford to turn a blind eye to those who are inappropriate with our children, those who groom our children for sexual purposes, crime and those who sexually abuse and hurt our children. We have a duty to speak out, report and bring them to order.

The Molo Songololo Board call on your financial and other support to sustain and strengthen our programmes and activities. With your help we can reach more communities and more children.

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