International Child Legal Framework

Optional Protocol to the UNCRC on the sale children

The African Charter on Human and Political Rights

The African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child

The Hague Convention

The UN Convention for the supression of Trafficking in persons and exploitation of the prostitution of others

UN Protocol to Prevent Supress and Punish Trafficking in persons esp woman and children

United Nations Convention on the rights of the child

Universation declaration of Human rights _eng


Trafficking Documents

Human Trafficking in South Africa Root Causes and Recommendations

The Trafficking of children for the purpose of sexual exploitation

The Trafficking of women into the south african sex industry

Trafficking in children in the Western Cape Province

What to do about trafficking Handbook

Posters and materials



Childrens Literacy
UNICEF Safetly Plan for children poster 1
UNICEF Safety plan for children poster 2