An investment in the work of Molo Songololo is an investment in the survival and future of children and the country.

If you or your company want to invest in the work of Molo Songololo you are welcome to make a financial contribution towards the following

The Victim Empowerment programme aims to provide direct assistance and help child victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking in persons. The Child/Youth Empowerment Programme conducts workshops and camps to help motivate and empower children with life skills and other skills needed to make positive life choices.

Our Education and Training Programme’s aim to educate and train service providers to increase their responses to the care and protection of children in need.

Our Awareness and Advocacy Programme’s produce and distribute awareness-raising materials.We also host and participate in public forums to advocate to the needs of children in difficult circumstances.

To strengthen our operational capacity for the successful implementation of the organizational programmes and activities, an annual budget is allocated towards operational and organizational costs.

You can also a make contributions in kind; i.e.
• Computer equipment and programmes and support systems and services
• Transport, petrol, vehicle maintenance and servicing
• Toiletries, clothing, school uniforms, shoes, underwear for older children
• Sports, cultural and recreational tours for children
• Staff wellness activities
• Venues for meetings and workshops
• Catering for our workshops and activities

Volunteer and share skills and expertise - we need the following;
• Once off or short term volunteering with one of our programmes
• Short internship to assist and support our programmes
• Long internships to raise funds for the organization programmes and activities
• Long internships to conduct social action research

•Young Men’s Forum Project – a life-skills programme to motivate male learners to reduce abuse and violence and to complete their schooling and make positive life-choices - R 500 000, 00
•The Molo Songololo Magazine - and inter-active multi-cultural fun educational magazine that promote literacy, numeracy, human rights and social consciousness amongst primary school learners R100 000, 00
•Children’s end-of-year Holiday Camp and Chrismas Party – and 3 annual motivational fun camps for children in Atlantis, Beaufort West and Delft in our VEP - R 150 000, 00
•Research 2012 – Child Exploitation - A Qualitative review to understanding its scope, nature and response to combat CE in South Africa, - R 150 000, 00