Our Activities
Raising awareness about the rights, child rights’ violations and child protection is ongoing. Our awareness-raising activities target mainly children, youth, community members, services providers and the general public. Our Advocacy work promotes accountability for and with children. Molo Songololo believes that an Ombudsperson for Children is long overdue and advocates for the establishment of an independent authority mechanism to promote and monitor the implementation of the rights of the child.

Public education
We produce and distribute information and educational materials to local communities, children and youth on child rights’ issues, contacts, details of service providers and hotlines to prevent and combat child abuse, exploitation and trafficking in children.

Stop Child Trafficking
We produce awareness raising-materials, conduct workshops, make presentations and engage government and civil services personnel in dialogue to prevent and combat trafficking in children. Trafficking in people is a growing and serious global problem. In South Africa more and more cases of trafficking in people, especially women and children, are identified and prosecuted. Unfortunately we do not know the true extent of trafficking in children. However, identified cases indicate that children are trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation. Cases of forced marriages, harvesting of body parts and illegal adoption have also been reported.

Ombudsperson for Children
We advocate the establishment of an independent, autonomous, human rights monitoring authority for children through awareness, education and dialogue with government and civil service role-players.

The Code
We prevent and combat child sexual exploitation in tourism. Together with Fair Trade Tourism – South Africa we aim to promote responsible tourism to create awareness, education and training to combat child sexual exploitation