Molo Songololo has been working to promote the rights and protection of all children for more than 30 years. The organization was founded in 1979, and is recognized as a leading participant concerning the rights and protection of children in South Africa.

Our work holds a direct benefit to children, now and in the future, for the their rights, protection, development and survival.

*Help children and youth who are victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Help those at risk and their families, and facilitate for their recovery, healing and reintegration into their families, school and community

*Inform and educate children and youth about their rights and responsibilities; and empower them with life-skills and facilitate for their participation in public decision-making and social actions.

*Advocate and lobby key government and civil society role-players and forums concerning the rights, care and protection of children in difficult circumstance.

*Collect data, inform and educate the public, government and civil society service providers to increase responses to improve the rights, care and protection of children in difficult circumstances.

Molo Songololo recognizes that children are in need of special care and protection based on their individual needs, evolved capacity and interests. The organization value children’s views and opinions and sees them as active role-players in their families, at school and in their communities and society. We respect the rights of the child.

In 2000 Molo Songololo released the first report that put the spotlight on trafficking in children in South Africa. This pioneering report focused on trafficking in children for purposes of sexual exploitation and highlighted the following:
*Trafficking in children is not a new phenomenon in South Africa
*Children are trafficked inside, into and from South Africa
*Children are trafficked for sexual, labour and other purposes
*Girl children are most at risk, although boys too are also trafficked
*There is a need for a comprehensive legal instrument to prevent, investigate, charge, prosecute and sentence this modern day form of slavery and related practices
*There is a need for effective victim support and empowerment

Molo Songololo is a registered non-profit organization that replies on funds, donations and non-monitory support from individuals, donor organizations and foundations, corporate business, government and international agencies.