Current Projects

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  • Child & Youth Empowerment Programme

    We motivate and empower children and youth with life-skills to make positive life choices, enjoy their rights and improve their future prospects.
  • Capacity Building Programme

    We educate and train government and civil society service providers to increase their responses to care for and protection children in need and promote their rights.
Letter from the Director

Molo Songololo is committed to make it’s contribution to promote and protect the rights of children. This we can not do alone. We need your support and the support of role-players in government and civil society. Our work embraces a child rights approach guided by the child’s best interest, child empowerment, child participation, child protection and child accountability principles. Much have been achieved for children in South Africa. We now have a comprehensive child rights legal framework in place that promote the rights of children, provide for the education of children, ensure children have access to social welfare, health, other services and social grants when in need of care. It also provides children with protect from abuse, violence and exploitation. It secures children’s legal, as well as promotes children participation in decisions affecting affecting their well-being. Unfortunately, just over 60% of children and youth, especially those in poor families, ...

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